Centro Diagnostico Baronia

Centro Diagnostico Baronia l.t.d. was born in 2005 in the contest of Contest of Program Baronia Sviluppo Impresa (B.S.I.), to attract in the geographic area of Baronia – Valle Ufita, in the oriental district of Avellino,

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Among its main activities is that of testing and technical analysis of products. The observation and analysis of physical features and of the products behaviour as well as the materials is articulated in the execution of tests on materials is composed by tests on materials and products to observe the composition and purity. This kind of research is the main in the natural sciences and engineering sectors: water, air, agri-food products analysis, etc…


The provision of environmental management services with a focus on collection; transport; storage until their disposition. The construction and the management of waste recovery and disposal facilities is an important production line. We offer designing services, environmental monitoring and the supervision the management of recycling strategies and wastewater purification.


Consultancy in activities and technical assistance that goes beyond the maintenance of hardware and software. There are many activities in the ICT sector from development to design, from production to the idea distribution. We also offer consultancy in the marketing sector applied in the general informatic activity.


Design, construction, supervision of the operation and maintenance of systems with high energetic efficiency to produce electric and thermal energy. Transformation, expansion and maintenance, both in Italy and abroad of these plants.

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